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Low Pass Filter Section
The combined DNA (Dissipative Noise Reduction) circuit with our wideband LPF (low pass filter) offer an exceptional breadth of the rejection of noise and interference, and provides a particularly effective solution to the discriminating audiophile.

Our LPFs dramatically reduce noise that is conducted into the system on the power supply busses. This noise is present on the power lines that feed the DC power supply in your equipment. In some cases of very high power audio amplifiers, there is almost nothing in the manufacturer's original design to block noise and interference across a wide frequency spectrum.

Our LFPs typically reduce noise in the 100 Khz range by 100 to 1, and increase in attenuation to 100,000 to 1 in the 10 Mhz region.

DNA Section
Traditional filters "block" interference. The interfering energy is "held back" but it is still "hanging around". Many types of traditional filters typically have responses that are altered by the source impedance (the circuit the signal or power is coming from), and the load impedance (the circuit to which the signal or power is going). This results in varying filter characteristics, i.e. different effectiveness at reducing unwanted energy, as the filter is applied-to (installed in) various different equipment.

The Dissipative Noise Attenuation (DNA) approach, addresses the noise and interference problem by accomplishing the "ultimate solution". The DNA turns the unwanted energy into heat. Once it is heat, as an electrical signal, it is gone, forever. The DNA approach will often reduce unwanted energy that thwarts attempts to remove by traditional approaches.

Combining The LPF and The DNA
By combining these technologies, noise and interference is sharply attenuated across a wide spectrum of frequencies, with the most desirable modality - turn the interference into heat. Attenuation is excellent. What remains, is pure music.

Another great product from Noble.The power DNAs are icing on the cake to the already great modification solutions produced by Greg and Robert.The Power DNAs will take any amplifier to a new level in dynamics,and overall presentation without any coloring or sonic signature.What you get is pure music,the way it was recorded and intended to be heard.

Price: $450.00 Kit
For installation at Noble add $79.00

New AC Line Power DNA/LPF

A new style of Power DNA that allows easier
installation in all types of equipment.

Price: $175.00 DIY Kit.
Requires soldering. The cost for installation at Noble
depends on the type of equipment. Please call.

Price: $250.00 DIY Kit.
In-Line Module ACLine Power DNA for easy installation
in any AV gear. No soldering required. Silver Plated contacts
on both the male and female IEC. Oxygen Free Copper wire.
Maximum rating 10 amps, 250VAC

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