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Traditional filters "block" interference the interfering energy is "held back" but it is still "hanging around" Many types of traditional filters typically have responses that are altered by the source impedance (the circuit the signal is coming from), and the load impedance (the circuit to which the signal is going). this results in varying filter characteristics, i.e. different effectiveness at reducing unwanted energy, as the filter is applied-to (installed in) various different equipment. In the discipline of "system compatibility", the term Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) means simply that different systems don't negatively affect each other by conducted or radiated energy. The term "unwanted energy" includes signals that are generated directly or indirectly by some equipment or process and "unwanted energy" also refers-to noise. The Dissipative Noise Attenuation (DNA) approach, addresses the EMC arena by accomplishing the "ultimate solution" for unwanted energy by turning in into heat. Once it is heat, it is gone, as an electrical signal, forever. The DNA approach will often reduce unwanted energy that thwarts attempts to remove by traditional approaches. $60.00 each installed or DIY kit. For kits please specify the maximum DC voltage required.

DNA circuit for DC power supplies. Body size: 1" x .5" (25.4mm x 12mm)

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