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Player and Processor Mods, All Makes and Models

We are offering the following Special Mods on all makes and models including Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD) Products. DSP-1000, DSP-7000, DSP-9000, TheaterMaster Classic, TheaterMaster e/o/s, Signature-8/Ovation-8, 8000/8000Pro and 8800 models. All of these Mods are also available to all other makes and models including the EAD based units-Simaudio Moon Attraction and Legacy Nexstep. Please ask us for prices.

Rectifier Diodes Mod Elna SII, Black Gate/Rubycon (supplies limited) Capacitors Mod DNAs by Noble Noble Sonic Treatment LPFs by Noble Vishay/Caddock Resistors Mod Power DNA/LPF for EAD PM Amps AC line Power DNA by Noble for all Processors, Players, and Amps Please see the modification descriptions and prices below The Rectifier Diode Mod Replaces 9 - 12 of the original diodes. The Diode upgrade is considered the most cost effective mod for Audio gear. These Fairchild "Stealth" exceptionally soft recovery Diode minimizes switching transits and ringing in the main Power Supply circuits. These diodes are less noisy than ordinary diodes resulting in less distortion, and improved imaging. DSP 7000/9000'S, all TheaterMasters models = $225.00 DSP-1000 = $195.00 All other brands: contact us Noble Sonic Treatment We have developed a new method for enhancing sonic improvements for all gear: Noble Sonic Treatment.  Any part of your AV system can be treated by this new system. These include Pre-amps, Amps, Processors, AV Receivers, interconnects, speaker drivers, caps, tubes and valves, wire and connectors just to name a few. If some part of your system is still not sounding as you would like, this may help raise it up to a better standard. I am having good results with this system with a variety of pieces. Note: This is not a Cryo treatment chamber. It is a method that I have developed which is safe for all components.  $150. Elna SII, limited quanity of Black Gate/Rubycon Capacitor This Power Supply Cap upgrade replaces 4 -16 of the most important caps on the board. These replacement caps are made by Black Gate or Rubycon. This mod will improve overall sonic performance.
DSP 7000 = $225.00 single-ended or $275.00 balanced DSP-9000 and TM Classic = $155.00, $275.00, $395.00 single-ended or $275.00, $495.00, $695.00 balanced TM E/O/S =$275.00 TM8/8000/Pro = $195.00 TM8800/Pro = $95.00 All other brands: contact us Dissipative Noise Attenuation (DNA) filters. The ultimate solution for eliminating unwanted energy by turning in into heat. The DNA approach will often reduce unwanted energy that thwarts attempts to remove by traditional approaches. Eliminate the noise and what remains is pure music. These filters are placed on the power supply buss of critical components including DACs and output amps. $60.00 for each DNA installed, all brands Low Pass Filters (LPF) Our LPFs reduce noise that is inherent in the analog amplifier / driver amplifier, reduce noise that is coupled into the analog amp output from the power supply busses, reduce the considerable conversion noise caused by the DACs in digital audio equipment. LPF can be installed in the output stage of any analog circuit or installed into cabling such as our Analog-Precise. In-circuit installation $95.00 for 2 channels + $20.00 per each additional channel, Single-ended output, with Vishay resistors add $25 per channel. $125.00 for 2 channels + $40.00 per each additional channel, balanced output, with Vishay resistors add $45 per channel.
Analog-Precise interconnect Items below reflect limited time wholesale prices Single-ended Level I = $425.00 per pair Single-ended Level II = $525.00 per pair Balanced Level I = $525.00 per pair Balanced Level II = $625.00 per pair
Balanced Outputs Upgrade We are now offering Balanced Outputs for Pre-Pros and CD players that only have RCA single-ended analog outputs. The balanced driver circuitry is wired using 99.9999 pure silver wire and Teflon sleeving, terminating in a pair of male panel-mount XLR connectors with gold pins. Single-ended outputs are retained. In some units with a crowded back panel circuit board, this involves the addition of a small external box to the back of the unit as seen in the associated photo. In other cases, where room permits, we may be able to install directly into the back panel. Price: $495 based on EAD CD-1000 transport. Other units please call for price. Burr Brown driver Low distortion 0.0005% @ F=1 KHz High slew rate 15V/uS High capacitance load drive
balanced output Mod on EAD CD-1000 XLR Balanced Outputs, add-on chassis Balanced Analog Inputs Upgrade We are now offering Balanced Inputs for Pre-Pros and amplifiers that only have single-ended RCA analog inputs. This includes the addition of a balanced input circuitry, using 99.999 pure silver wire and Teflon sleeving and terminating into gold-plated female panel-mount XLRs connectors. Call for pricing. Burr Brown op amp Ultra-low distortion 0.00008% High slew rate 20V/uS Bandwidth 8MHz Low noise Vishay/Caddock Resistor Mods Ultra-premium 0.1% precision Vishay and Caddock resistors aids musical transparency. The non-inductive design allows faster settling times thus minimizing distortion of the sound. Also available Noble's new UHPR Vishay resistors with TCR of 0.05 PPM and precision tolerances to +/- 0.01%. more info $32.00 per resistor installed. Minimum 2 resistors required for 2 channel.
Power DNA/LPF The combined DNA (Dissipative Noise Reduction) circuit with our wideband LPF (low pass filter) offer an exceptional breadth of the rejection of noise and interference, and provides a particularly effective solution to the discriminating audiophile.

Electric Field Shielding Usefull for reducing the electric field emanating from transformers that could induce noise into other parts of the audio circuit. For reference, a small transformer is about $62.00
All modifications will come with a 6 month warranty on the modified parts and workmanship.

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