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Customized Silver/Teflon internal Cables Assemblies for improved signal transmission, including: TheaterMasters, DSPs, Pre-Pros, Amps, Players, all makes all models.

The stock Termination Jumpers for the Theatermasters and DSP-9000s as well as most brands of Processors and Players are made of a very thin gauge copper/tin wire. These "Ribbon Cable" assemblies are mass terminated with a technique called insulation displacement (IDC). That means the individual PVC jacketed wires are forced into a "V" shaped sheet metal piece that simultaneously cuts through the plastic insulation and jams the wire into the "V" to make an electrical contact. In theory this makes a hermetic (airtight) seal with low contact resistance and that keeps the copper from oxidizing. These cables carry all of the critical signals to the DACs and Back Panel Boards in the TMs and DSP-9000s. The advantage to upgrading these cables with Noble Electronics Silver/Teflon line is as follows:

  • Each Cable Assembly or Inter-board jumper is copied by fit, form and pin-out from the original manufacturers piece.

  • Wires in our cables are several gauges thicker and made of 99.9999% pure silver.

  • Each silver wire is insulated with Teflon for superior transparency.

  • Each individual wire is hand soldered with silver solder onto gold plated sockets. In theory and practice soldering technology is superior to IDC. Under normal conditions there can be no increase of resistance due to a poorly crimped connectors. Silver/tin solder is a better conductor for electrical bonding than Tin/lead for reasons of lower resistance and stronger metallurgical bond.

  • Noble's Silver Termination Jumpers have an Outer Jacket made from a 100% natural cloth. Many Audiophiles feel that most man made materials such as PVC suffocate the purity of the sound.

Here are some of the custom cables that are available. Please call for pricing. Please call on all other makes and Models not listed.
  1. Sony DVP-S7700
  2. Music Servers
  3. EAD TheaterMaster Classic
  4. EAD TheaterMaster Encore/Ovation/Signature
  5. EAD TheaterMaster8/TheaterMaster8000. This includes an Analog Pass-Through Mod that uses RCA (not the DB25 RS232 connector) connectors.
  6. EAD TheaterMaster8800
  7. EAD DVDMaster
Examples of Cables

EAD TheaterMaster Ovation/Signature

EAD TheaterMaster Classic, DSP-9000
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