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Quasi-Balanced Interconnects

Quasi-Balanced Interconnect These interconnects are useful for systems that do not run Balanced all the way. For example, if the Processor only has RCA (singled-ended) outputs and the power amp has balanced (XLR) inputs, this type of adaptor interconnect can be useful in eliminating ground loop noise. These cables are made with high quality Oxygen Free Copper made by Mogami and modified by Noble for this Quasi-Balanced system. My Lab tests using a Classic TheaterMaster and a PowerMaster 8300 have been successful in eliminating a buzzing hum (in the speakers) that comes from using RCA to RCA interconnects.

Over the years I have received many complaints about a constant background hum in the speakers (using RCA interconnects) when using a EAD TheaterMaster with a PowerMaster 2000 or 8300 series. This cable will bring new life into a system suffering from a real background hum. Instead of hearing a buzz in-between the musical pauses, there will be silence.

The RCA connector is gold plated, and the XLR is silver plated Available in 10 colors: black, blue, brown, green, gray, orange, purple, red, white, yellow. Standard lengths 3' and 6'. Other lengths also available.

$41.00 each, 3' length. Call for other lengths.

Note: This Quasi-Balanced cable will not eliminate common-mode noise . But for short runs this usually is not a problem. Especially considering the fact that RCA to RCA interconnects do not reduce common-mode noise either. If you want true balanced for all your processor outputs consider the Balanced Output Mod More info... then scroll down on the page to the paragraph Balanced Outputs Upgrade

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