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EAD Upgrade Price List

Upgrades for Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD)
Products: DSP 9000, DSP 7000, DSP 1000, TheaterMasters, TheaterVision-P and PowerMasters.

DSP-7000 upg. to Series II $295 [Inquire first] DSP-7000 upg. to Series III $400 [Inquire first] DSP-7000 Balanced outputs upgrade $375 DSP-9000 upg. to Series III $400 [Inquire first] DSP-9000 Balanced outputs upgrade (FR4) $395 DSP-9000 Balanced outputs upgrade (Teflon) [Inquire first] TheaterMaster Classic DVD upgrade $295 TheaterMaster Classic DTS upgrade $295 TheaterMaster Encore to Ovation upgrade $455 TheaterMaster Encore to Ovation Plus ( with Teflon dac board) upgrade $655 temporarily out of stock on Ovation Plus DACs [Inquire first] TheaterMaster Ovation or Ovation(+) upgrade with Signature (backboard) $425 TheaterMaster VFD upgrade (replace LCD display) $275 TheaterMaster Encore, Ovation, or Signature upgrade to 8 channel TheaterMaster Ovation-8 or to Signature-8, please call This includes the EAD based Simaudio Moon Attraction and Legacy nexstep Theater Vision-P upg. to Zonefree (for NTSC units) $100 Theater Vision-P 220/110 Power supply upg. $155/$195 SDI Video output upgrade to all EAD DVDMaster players and other DVD makes and models; the prices start at $395.00 PM-2000, PM-1000: Low noise Transformer, WBT Binding Posts --call for pricing PM-500: WBT Binding Posts--call for pricing Purchase EAD Products for Refurbishing--call for pricing Some parts are limited. Ask about discounts for multiple upgrades on the same unit.

Noble Electronics is an authorized Enlightened Audio Designs (EAD) dealer, service and repair center.

All Upgrades will come with a 6 month warranty on the upgrade parts and workmanship. We have over 18 years experience in building, testing, repairing and modifying EAD equipment.

  Noble Electronics Inc.   1973 155th. Street  Fairfield, Iowa 52556  usa