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Noble Sonic Treatment
I have developed a new method for improving the sonic characteristics for all gear: Noble Sonic Treatment. This system is having a great result on all types of equipment– including pre-amps, amps, processors, AV receivers, speaker drivers, wire and connectors passive and active components – to name a few.It affects all the components individually as well as the entire circuit. Sonic Treatment reveals subtle dimensions in the music which here-to-for have not been appreciated. It creates subtle, yet audible enhancement in audio sources that draw the listener into the music. This music becomes alive and trans-formative to the listener, not only in hearing what was missed before, but in creating the goal of all music: to transport the listener to a better world. As in the words of composer Franz Schubert" An die Musik, a dedication and gratitude to the art of music … "have you (you have) transformed me to a better world … you holy art, I thank you for that." If some of your system is still not sounding as you would like, this may help raise it to a higher standard. We are hearing contemplative, dimensional results. Note: This is not done in a cryo treatment chamber, and is safe for all components. We offer this service for $150.

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