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The TheaterMaster has been sold, SwitchMaster is still available

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Classic TheaterMaster Signature Series original owner, Chief designer Alastair Roxburgh

The Classic 5.1 TheaterMaster-the world's first high-end D-to-A converter with state-of-the-art Dolby AC3 multi-channel surround decoding.

Performance Features

Dolby AC3 5.1 channel surround sound, and dts Pro Logic HDCD High Definition Compatible Digital Digital Flywheel The Digital Flywheel smooths out instantaneous time-base fluctuations (jitter) EAD's Acculinear design Provides superior analog reconstruction of the musical wave-form providing greater speed and accuracy than discrete or conventional intergrated designs can provide. Built in crossover networks implemented in the digital domain provide maximum system flexibility without coloration caused by complex analog crossover circuitry Full-Function IR remote control operation for all TheaterMaster features including remote screen control, remote control of other system components via switched AC power outlets, and remote control of room lights via radio transmitter X-10 format. Remote volume control utilizes switched resistive array for ultimate transparency Six analog and six digital inputs including 1 ST glass, 3 Coaxial, and 2 Toslink Six state-of-the-art, select-grade, dual-differential 20 bit DAC's provide exceptional low-level linearity and dynamic range with a guaranteed THD and noise level below -96dB. Balanced stereo outputs utilize matched analog circuit boards, including separate DACs for + and - polarity to achieve lowest possible THD and greatest signal-to-noise ratio Thirty four separate power supplies Signature Series (optional) Note: This TheaterMaster is a Signature model Teflon analog circuit boards ensure maximum transparency with minimal "dielectric signature". Ultra-premium passive components, include 0.1% precision Vishay resistors State-of-the-art 20 bit A to D converter used for pre-amplifier analog inputs
I have run a full bench check on both the TheaterMaster and the SwitchMaster and found all functions working normally. Because of the age of this piece I recommend that all the electrolytic capacitors be replaced. I can do this with either standard stock Caps or the Elna SII series. I can also add any of my sonic Mods to the TheaterMaster-see Player and Processor Mods on my website. With the Cap replacement I will warranty the TheaterMaster or the SwitchMaster for 6 months, otherwise it will be 30 days. These units may be sold separately. For more detail see Alaistair's web site: back panel

inside view
inside cover signed and noted

bottom of chassis signature

manual and accessories

Original Brochure

Original Brochure, back page

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